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Refund Policy

Our refund policy has been created to outline the conditions in which Mycrainx will provide a refund, the process for doing so, and the company's responsibilities in scenarios when such a claim is made. Our refund policy only applies to refunds made by Mycrainx and/or websites maintained and controlled by Mycrainx. It does not apply to other businesses or third-party service providers not owned by Mycrainx.

At Mycrainx, every project is taken with the final product in sight, which requires mutual sharing of responsibilities between the company and the client. Thus, in case of any customer dissatisfaction, we believe in putting every effort to come to a mutually agreed solution, and a refund should only be considered when situations are fully out of control. A claim for a refund should only be filed when no common ground can be reached between us.

A full refund can be claimed in cases where the initial design style has not been approved or the project has not started after the clearance of the agreed-upon payments, delivery of all required, relevant, and complete information regarding the project to complete the same. Claims for partial refunds are applicable when we fail to deliver projects, in accordance with our delivery terms, after approval of the initial design style. The refunded amount will be in proportion to the completed work. Refunds may take up to 180 days from the date of being claimed, to get cleared. No refunds will be made once a completed project has been uploaded on the server, or in cases of delivery delays unless a prior penalty clause agreement has been signed in cases of late delivery.